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Highly versatile yet easy to operate Suitable for ultra-thin films

SCREEN's film thickness measuring equipment series

Measurement/inspection demonstrations Available now!

Resolve all your film thickness measurement issues

Film thickness measurement process requires greater speed and precision than ever before.

Our unique mechanism ensures high-precision measurement Our proprietary transfer mechanism and ellipsometry/spectroscopy-based processing ensure stable, high-precision transport and measurement of a wide range of wafers.

I am looking for an equipment that fits the preexisting measurement process and installation conditions.

A wide lineup of systems to meet diverse needs Our systems also handle special wafers and ultra-thin films. Specifications are available to satisfy most operation and installation space requirements.

I would like to test the accuracy of the equipment by measuring the wafer I have on hand pre-purchase.

Free demo measurement available  pre-instalment Please use our free wafer measurement demonstrations to inspect the accuracy of our products.

Pre-installation test measurement! Application form

Demonstration measurements are available for your reference: please send in your wafers along with your setting preference for any of our systems.

Examples of Demonstration Heads and Measurements

  • Spectroscopic head for film thickness measurement (Visible light)
  • Spectroscopic head for film thickness measurement (UV light)
  • Spectroscopic
  • Single wavelength
  • Trench depth
  • Actual throughput

Measuring demonstration procedure

Inquiries: Please contact us via the application form for demonstration requests

We will be in touch: Our sales/technical staff will respond to your inquiry (this service is available face-to-face or as an online/phone correspondence)

Wafer delivery Please send the wafers in once the conditions are decided based on our consultation.

Measurement process We will perform the measurements after receiving the wafers.

Data delivery The measurement data will be returned to you approximately 2 weeks after we receive the wafer.

Film Thickness Measurement Series

From desktop type to mass production lines, a wide range of products to meet your every need.

RE-3500 Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System
High-end model equipped with a spectroscopic ellipsometer

A high-end model capable of high precision minute measurements as small as 40 μm square, simultaneous measurements of film thickness and optical constants, while achieving twice the throughput of conventional systems. Optional installation of a single wavelength ellipsometer is available.

VM-2500/3500 Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System
The multi-function model boasting No.1 domestic sales

The VM-2500 and 3500 are ideal for in-plane, multi-point measurement of communication and other devices. Both deliver up to 160 wph (SiO2, 5-point measurement) and also features log storage and improved maintenance support.

VM-1200/1300 Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System
Desktop models applicable for production lines

Equipped with CCD image sensors enabling simultaneous measurement across all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, supporting precise, high-speed measurement of film thicknesses. Added wizard function for easier recipe creation, and increased the number of recipes managed and registered.

VM-1020 Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System
Microscope-type model ideal for research and development

Composed of a microscope section and spectrometer section that incorporates a lens unit, manual XY stage, electric revolver, objective lens, filter insert section and light source. The spectrometer also features a fibre optic input type CCD, making the system more compact, enabling fast, highly precise measurement.

Suitable for measuring ultra-thin films of 20 nm or less, film quality and development process management

■SWE: Single Wavelength Ellipsometer
The SWE uses a long-life laser diode as a light source, which helps reduce running costs, and provides a high-precision measurement of thin films with a thickness of 20 nm or less
■SE: Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
These units enable simultaneous measurement of film thickness and optical constants. Particularly suitable for processes where film quality management is just as crucial as the development of thin film materials and deposition processes.
■SR: Spectroscopic Reflectometer
Our SR units can handle up to four layers of laminated films. Visible light and UV light are both available, allowing target films to be measured under the most appropriate conditions.

Various Measurement for Various Wafers
Preloaded with 25 types of easy-to customise film recipes

Each system comes with 25 standard film recipes. Operators can add their customized versions enabling special compound wafers to be processed and improving measurement work flexibility.

List of standard film types (common to each device)
An array of measurement applications designed to meet diverse needs

Preloaded with measurement applications to fully satisfy a wide variety of needs. Includes infrared spectrum analysis for thickness measurement of SiC epilayers, which is difficult to achieve with visible light. Capable of measuring thick, thin, laminated and PZT / GaN films and glass substrates.

Trial operation available pre-instalment Application form

Visual Inspection Systems

Recipe creation in just 10 minutes without advanced expertise or experience

ZI-3600 Wafer Pattern Inspection System
Equipped with three lenses of different resolutions
Industry-leading speed and accuracy

The ZI-3600 provides precise, high-speed pattern inspection regardless of wafer size and the number of chips. The incorporated three lenses and the use of recipes allow for an easy switch between resolutions.

ZI-2000 Wafer Pattern Inspection System
Compact, high-speed system offering exceptional cost performance

New wafers can be inspected immediately through this highly flexible model with easy-to-create recipes. The proprietary inspection head and high-speed image processing engine handle fast and reliable inspections.

A high throughput double* that of a conventional model

The ZI-3600 ensures stable production through the use of line sensor inspection, executing entire wafer surface checks at a constant speed regardless of the size of the wafer and the number of chips.
* Compared to our ZI-3500 model

Simplified recipe creation

Inspection conditions can be set with ease while checking images of the actual wafers. Thanks to this feature, any operators can create recipes even if they are not specialized engineers.
Critical dimension and overlay measurement can both be added as optional functions. Simply set the required conditions when creating a recipe to perform line and space and overlay measurements in a single step.
Three types of inspection methods – die to die, cell to cell, and die to reference – can be freely combined and set in the same recipe. Alternatively, a non-pattern inspection can be performed.

Simplified recipe creation
Trial operation available pre-instalment

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